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PO Box 262
Union, NH 03887
phone: 603-473-2002




Description of Services

Basic Service - Case management advice:

A CLS lawyer will spend up to one hour with you reviewing your legal situation, helping you with forms, organizing your file, and helping you understand the legal process.

Initial Meeting Price : $ 85.00

CLS attorneys meet with legal consumers in clinic settings.

NOTE: CLS also accepts town welfare vouchers if pre-approved by your town welfare official. If the fee is to be paid by your town, the choice of location and date of service are at the discretion of CLS.

Court Appearances:

A CLS lawyer will appear in court for you one time for a set fee; before and after that one time, you retain your case and your case file. You may hire CLS for as many one time court appearances as you wish.

Cost : $ 500.00 per one-half day


CLS encourages you to take advantage of the mediation services available in both New Hampshire and

Massachusetts. If you decide you would rather have an attorney help you with your case then give CLS a call. Our most frequent type of court appearance is family court.


CLS CANNOT OFFER COURT APPEARANCES WITH ANY FEDERAL LAW MATTERS. The laws and rules that allow Community Legal Services Inc. to help by using unbundled services deal only with state laws and statecourts. This means that CLS can help you with any New Hampshire district court, superior court, or probate court in any county in this state, but the rules are different in federal courts.


If you have the ability to scan in your documents and email them as either word documents or adobe files, then cls can do all transactions and advice without physical travel. If you need research done, this can also be done without physical travel, with (unofficial copies of) cases or statutes emailed to you. Prior to any work being done, cls and you must agree to the fee as well as to the product requested. The agreed upon fee must be deposited at our t.D. Bank account prior to any services being started. Some new hampshire and massachusetts county registries of deeds can be accessed via the internet. Source copies of deeds would then be available for use in producing a new deed without snail mail or physical travel.


Unfortunately, CLS cannot offer free legal help. That's because CLS does not receive state or federal government, or non-profit, funding. The places who DO receive government funding so they can give free services are the Legal Advice & Referral Center, in Concord, at 800-639-5290; the New Hampshire Bar Association's Pro Bono program, at 229-0002; and NH Legal Assistance at 800-334-3135 or 431-7411 (they have several numbers--keep trying). Ask them why they don't refer people to CLS!





Weekly. Call for more information.


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Community Legal Services Inc.

PO Box 262

Union, NH 03887

phone: 603-473-2002


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