Oct 20, 2018
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3 High Street, Sanbornville, NH 03872



About Us


CLS is a non-profit organization dedicated to opening the court system to every person who needs access to justice. If you need legal help and cannot afford the normal law office prices or the hassles of "qualifying" for free services, then this is for you!

CLS was started by Ruth Hall and her son, Tim Hall in January of 2005. Ruth has been a lawyer for more than 24 years, and Tim has his business degree from the Isenburg School of Management. CLS has served hundreds of people from all over New Hampshire, in almost every type of law.

Continuing the CLS belief in community, we will deduct $15.00 per session from our fees when you do an hour or more of community service and provide CLS with verification. We do not have a set office or regular office hours. This is what enables us to keep prices low.

CLS does NOT do phone advice. You may call to set up a clinic time slot for any of our services as described on this site. OR, Contact CLS via email to obtain our community service form or find out how to pre-pay for our services.

Our Business

Our business is opening the courthouse door for you, no matter who you are or what your case is about! CLS has no barriers except its low fees; if you can find the cash, we've got a clinic slot for you.

Who We Are

Community Legal Services inc is a non-profit organization; we have a volunteer board of directors that meets 2-4 times a year and includes former and current satisfied customers, not just lawyers. We also have some volunteers from the communities we serve, and can always use more. CLS is for you, and can only grow with you ! Call for more information about our next board meeting and volunteer opportunities.


Community Legal Services Inc.

PO Box 262

Union, NH 03887

phone: 603-473-2002


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