Oct 20, 2018
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3 High Street, Sanbornville, NH 03872





What We Do

Community Legal Services (CLS) is a New Hampshire non-profit corporation with a goal of making the court system more open and affordable for everyone - not just the wealthy and the very poor. Our dream is a very reasonably priced, state-wide organization that helps legal service customers through bringing help to them at convenient locations around the state of New Hampshire. We do this through an a la carte menu approach to legal service delivery.

We meet with people and help them manage their case, understand legal documents, write legal documents, fill out forms, give tips for that upcoming court appearance, find other resources, or do research. And, YES, we do go to court for clients.

CLS uses "Unbundled " legal services. You don't have to retain us for your whole case - just pick out what you need usto do for you! The case is YOUR case, and you're the boss. Go into court with more confidence, with help from CLS, the better New Hampshire alternative.

meeting with clients


Community Legal Services does not have a full time office or full time staff - that is one way the prices are kept low. We
focus on finding places that are both inexpensive and convenient for both the lawyer and the customer.
We believe in community. We insist that everyone has something to give, which is why we are willing to accept a lower
payment when you volunteer for your own community.

For the first meeting, everyone pays a set fee. After that, you can lower the price per meeting (or per batch of work) by
doing community service that CLS can verify with a phone call and simple form. Many customers find that one meeting will answer their questions, while others come back many times for our help.


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